Looking for trends in compliance and financial crime recruitment?

Demand for talent is up


2023 saw a huge demand for specialist talent with a 37% increase

Time to hire is down

This has decreased, with an average time to hire in the UK compliance and financial crime space down to only 34 days.

Hiring process streamlined

Companies with lengthy recruitment processes or those who left large intervals between each stage of the interview have found that the most sought-after candidates were off the market by the time they reached the next stage in their process

The return of the face-to-face interview

These are typically now conducted as the final interview stage. With talent being snapped up quickly many companies have been looking to complete the more standardised elements of the process remotely to decrease the length of the recruitment process


With the market being as fast-paced as it is, alongside the limited talent pool, there has been a surge in counteroffers. Counteroffers are now almost expected as firms look to retain knowledge within their business whilst reducing business impact and mitigating the cost to hire a replacement.

Temp and contract recruitment trends


Changes to IR35 regulations in April 2021 had a big impact on contract recruitment for 2021 which again changed in 2022 and now in 2023.

The initial decline of temporary vacancies

Compliance Professionals saw temporary vacancy volumes begin to decline at the end of 2020 and continue into 2021. In 2021 contract hires made up 18% of our business which was a significant drop from the 26% we had seen in the previous year.

Temporary vacancies are now on the rise

Contract vacancy volumes have now begun to gradually increase as firms become accustomed to new IR35 rules and assessments. We expect contract hiring to continue to increase in 2023 for positions both inside and outside of the IR35 rules.

Learn the latest rules on IR35 here.

Did any of these trends surprise you?

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