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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

“We aim to not only create a better workplace for our team but also influence the broader business community to prioritise these essential values.” – Marcus Courtney MD Compliance Professionals

What DE&I Means to Us

Embedded within the very essence of our operations is an unyielding belief: the vitality of our business is intricately connected to the inclusivity of every individual.

Our resolute dedication revolves around propelling economic inclusion, and it is our extraordinary workforce, rich in diversity, that drives our achievements. We wholeheartedly acknowledge that a diverse workforce fosters innovative thoughts, exceptional expertise, and unwavering integrity, serving as the foundational pillars upon which we strive to shape both our business and our culture.

We Are Champions

As of June 2023, Compliance Professionals, a leading compliance, and financial crime specialist recruitment agency, is proud to announce the establishment of its new Diversity Champions team. This dedicated group of individuals will play a pivotal role in spearheading the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

What are our champions working on?
  • Training with our team, clients and candidates
  • Creating a safe space for open respectful conversation
  • Listening to ideas to do better
  • Adding inclusive wording to job adverts
  • Engaging with charities working toward change
  • Ensure all new starters feel welcome and supported
  • Creating new Diversity and Inclusion reports
  • Regular company diversity, equality, and inclusion policy
What do we hope to achieve?
  • Give back to the community, working with charities creating change
  • Mentorship for underrepresented groups
  • Interview with our diverse employees, candidates and clients – what can we do better
  • Hire for diversity – starting within our own Compliance Professionals and Saxton Leigh
  • Use social media to promote diverse images/language
  • Celebrate diverse holidays

We Want to Hear From You


If you wish to engage in a conversation regarding our policy on diversity, equality, and inclusion, or if you have identified areas where we can enhance our efforts, we encourage you to reach out to one of our dedicated champions. We value open dialogue and actively seek input to continuously improve our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Your perspective and insights are highly appreciated, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on this important endeavour.