We have been looking into the future of compliance and financial crime recruitment and placing our predictions of what’s to come.

Market Buoyancy

We believe the recruitment market will remain buoyant, with an excess of vacancies when compared to the available talent pool.

47% of our clients indicated they expect to hire in their compliance and financial crime functions in 2022. This is a slight decrease from the indication we were given by our clients at the beginning of 2021, when we found 54% of firms indicated an intent to hire in the year.

Due to the ongoing demand, we predict that salaries will continue to increase and an 18-20% salary increase will become the norm for skilled individuals moving companies.

Regulation Changes

With the anticipated regulatory divergence between the United Kingdom and European Union, we are expecting to see an increase in opportunities, and the highest salaries, for those with expertise in EU-regulations.

Given economic uncertainty and the need to deliver on projects that were paused in 2020/21, we expect firms to increase the use of contractors both on an inside and outside IR35 basis. With the ever-increasing regulatory burden, we expect 2022 to be a busy year for compliance/ financial crime teams and in particular those individuals who can assist with horizon scanning and policy work.


There will be significant regulatory change and development around sustainable finance, financial crime and consumer protection. Given the reporting requirements for UK listed businesses and the expected consultation by the regulator in the first half of 2022, we expect firms to continue to focus on their Diversity & Inclusion policies and hiring during 2022.


Financial services businesses will continue to develop their ESG strategies, especially given the introduction of the FCA’s ESG Sourcebook. This will put a focus on firms trying to hire individuals with prior knowledge and experience in this space.

Businesses now need to have a clear recruitment strategy that articulates what they offer as a business to employees beyond salary and flexibility. An offering of work from home will no longer be used to offset salary as this is a part of the ‘new normal’ with over 90% of businesses allowing it in some capacity.

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